UTK is a shared source code project where manufacturers and developers develop and deliver products but share the code as a community. UTK licensees are STB and TV OEMs as well as software developers (ISVs).

UTK offers broadcast and OTT service providers platform benefits because open standards materially exist on a common shared platform available on a wide range of SoCs reducing test effort, improving quality and fostering innovation. 

From a simplistic view the key areas of technical variance in hybrid TV are:

  • Application environment
  • Media playback
  • Graphics
  • Platfrom drivers
  • Test methodology

UTK addresses all of these using a common base whilst alowing for the "customisable" areas of a project such as DRM, conditional access, user interface etc to develop. The result is a common framework to technically and commercially rationalise platform complexity.  Partners benefit from innnovating whilst quality is hardened.

By offering shared and open source available code with no IPR fees or royalties, UTK offers cost and quality control for the connected TV market place.











Pixsan is a lead developer for UTK and offers turnkey products or assist fellow UTK licensees with modules for building into next generation Connected TVs and CPEs. 

Learn more about available UTK product packs at www.utkdevelopment.org