Manufacturers also need the freedom to be able to easily customise the look and feel of a product to ensure it fits with their overall brand image. Today a Pixsan powered product may have a choice of a number of different user interface "Presentation Technologies". This could one or more of the following:

  • Native "C" code
  • MHEG5
  • HTML
  • Compiled Java
  • SVG
  • Flash (Stagecraft)

Using advanced technologies, Pixsan can use its knowledge to help customers with customising specific receiver designs or at a platform operator level.

The most common method (for simple STBs, TVs and DVRs) is still "native" or, to put it another way, using Pixsan code that is specifically  built for the purposes of the UI. This makes for a fast working, straight forward design.

Pixsan employs a user interface design tool, eBuilder, which separates the graphic design and user interaction of the UI from the actual implementation.


e-builder allows for the rapid prototyping and development of platform independent UIs for Digital Television receivers using the Elgist DVB stack. The "look and feel" of a menu system can be developed on a PC, in the e-Builder environment then the software translates this into source code which is exported for use with Pixsan's Elgist DVB stack.

Pixsan offers manufacturers free of charge licensing and full support for the eBuilder UI development tool, or can offer a complete UI design service for any of the presentation technologies listed.