Pixsan has a history of working closely with Silicon partners to pre-integrate its software solutions with hardware reference platforms. The advantages for silicon vendors are two fold.

Firstly, when a silicon vendor brings a new chip to the market, pre-integrating a market proven software solution from Pixsan helps to validate the operation of the chip and ensures that the quality and robustness of the vendor's own software SDK. 

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Secondly, pre-integrating a Pixsan software stack enables the Silicon Chip vendor to offer a complete solution, reducing development effort and time to market for the equipment manufacturer. Manufacturers are then able to focus their efforts on product differentiation and integrating value added features.

Pixsan currently co-operates with a range of Silicon Chip Vendors and is open to new partnerships. Silicon Vendors interested in working with Pixsan should contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Manufacturers interested in Pixsan enabled reference designs should contact Pixsan at the same address.