Pixsan has a significant experience in the MHEG-5 arena having developed a complete MHEG-5 solution that is proven in a wide range of digital receiver products.

Pixsan can offer support in the following areas for those wishing to develop interactive applications:

  • Technical knowledge of the MHEG-5 standard       remote control
  • Application authoring tools
  • Templates for common application types
  • Use of the interaction Channel for e-commerce, and streaming media services
  • UI design
  • Embedding of applications in products

As well as application design support services, for those customers that prefer, Pixsan also offers a complete turn key application development service.

Pixsan is able to offer applications for:

  • Information services: news, weather, sports, etc., MHEG game2
  • Interactive games & voting applications
  • Shopping
  • Dating
  • Betting
  • E-government and E-health.
  • Catch-up TV & Video on demand

For more information on Pixsan's MHEG-5 application development services, please contant Pixsan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..