Pixsan Services

Pixsan is a full development licensee of the RDK, the shared and open source kit sponsored by Comcast and supported by a host of partners. Pixsan can provide consultancy and development skill in many areas for companies interested in RDK.

UTK ("Universal Television Kit") is a shared and open source stack-kit built for price competitive CE markets and emerging market platforms. UTK offers members of its shared source programme a collaborative software build platform to simplify complex hybrid broadcast/OTT TV and Set Top Box designs.

tn-Ui-DesignPixsan has many years of experience in designing and implementing user interfaces for STBs and iDTV. User interfaces don't just have to look good, but must be simple and intuitive to use. If not, an otherwise excellent product can fail. 

tn-Software-Customisation-and-integrationWorking together with TV & STB Silicon Chip vendors, Pixsan is able to integrate its software with the silicon provider's reference hardware giving equipment manufacturers an, all important, head start with their product development.

tn-SI-vendor-Reference-platform-integrationPixsan has many years of experience in developing and integrating software for digital TV platforms. Customers can benefit from this experience, simplifying the development process and helping to reduce their time to market.

tn-MHEG-App-AuthoringPixsan can author and deliver a range of "Red Button" MHEG-5 applications. Applications range from searchable programme guides, video on demand catalogues, interactive information services, news, weather, etc., e-government & health services, games and shopping.