Increasingly digital content is coming from a variety of sources be it traditional TV broadcasts, IPTV services, removable media such as USB sticks, SD cards, and hard disks, or even other devices connected to a home network. The format of the content can vary depending on the source, the delivery mechanism, and if it is premium content it may well be protected. To cope with the different content types, sources, and protection schemes a Media Player is used.

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Pixsan has a range of comprehensive Media Player solution called MediaClip. The MediaClip player might be a simple but robust H.264 .mp4 player or a fully compliant  and DLNA solutiion with multiple codec, container and stream support.

Generally the chouce of MediaClip will depend upon the base silicon platform and the target application.

For handling premium content, a compatible DRM engine is available for the player.

MediaClip can support a wide range of media formats:

  • File/Container formats: Mp4, Mov, M3a, M4v, Asf, MKV, avi, DivX, xvid, DVB Transport Stream, DVB Programme Stream
  • Video: H264, VC-1, WMV, MPEG-2
  • Audio: HE-AC3, Dolby digital, DTS, MP3, WMA, Ogg-vorbis

TrickPlay modes are supported for each of the file formats:

  • Fast forward
  • Fast rewind
  • Pause
  • Slow motion playback

For IP services MediaClip offers compatibility with a wide range of streaming protocols:

  • HTTP streaming
  • Progressive download
  • Adaptive Streaming
    • Apple HTTP Live streaming
    • Microsoft Smooth Streaming
    • A range of commercial video servers are supported
  • IP Multicast reception (IGMP)

Premium content available via IP is often protected by a DRM scheme, which governs how many times content can be watched or listened to, whether the content can be copied to another device, whether the content can be shared via a home network, or whether a permanent copy can be made to keep. MediaClip's DRM engine offers support for the most popular schema today, with the flexibility to add more in the future. Today MediaClip can be provided integrated to certain base platforms to support:

  • Microsoft PlayReady DRM, & legacy DRM10-PD/ND
  • Marlin DRM
  • Verimatrix

Pixsan ensures that Mediaclip is kept up to date with the latest media formats, streaming technologies and DRM schema. For further information please content This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. For information on our related DLNA and HbbTV products, please see the respective products pages.