HbbTV eg2

HbbTV is a pan European standard for combining:

  • Digital TV broadcasts (DVB and DVR)
  • Broadband IP services (catchup, VOD etc)
  • Interactive content

The HbbTV standard draws on existing standards including DVB, W3C, and the Open IP TV Forum. The body is also liasing with the DTG in UK with the exciting evolution of both UK Dbook7 PartA and HbbTV 2.0

Pixsan is an active supporter of the HbbTV standard and has developed a fully compliant software solution suitable for all types of digital receiver platform.

Pixsan's HbbTV solution, integrates:

  • Elgist DVB Stack - for digital broadcast reception
  • AIT parser – for application signalling
  • Hydra DSM-CC client – for broadcast transmission of applications
  • Application Manager – for lifecycle management of HbbTV apps
  • MediaClip Player – for streaming video services with optional DRM
  • HbbTV compliant browser – for CE-HTML (and HTML5) application run time

HbbTV stack

Pixsan is able to integrate with a manufacturer's choice of HbbTV compliant browser, or can offer a fully pre-integrated solution using particular partner solutions.

The MediaClip player is a fully featured media player, supporting the latest high definition media formats and adaptive streaming technologies. As well as HbbTV services it can be used to enable playback of content from removable media, home network based storage, or other cloud based video on demand services. Premium content services can be catered for with MediaClip's integrated DRM support.

Pixsan's HbbTV solution is available now, for more information please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

For more information on the MediaClip player, please see our related product page.