Pixsan Products

tn-DVB-StackCore STB/iDTV client software including stacks for :

  • DVB-C, DVB-T, DVB-T2 and DVB-S2 for Cable, Terrestrial and DSAT
  • ATSC
  • Interactive (MHEG5)
  • Guide data and EPG
  • Twin Tuner DVR/PVR/DTR
  • Pay TV services via common interface (CI and CI+) or embedded conditional access modules.
  • USB DVR for recording and playback from USB sticks.
  • Media Players for multiple codecs and containers.
  • Various presentation technologies for User Interfaces (UI)
  • HTML Browser and AdobeTM Flash engines.

tn-MHEG-EngineMHEG-5 is the worlds leading interactive open standard for interactive digital TV. MHEG-5 has been deployed in over 50M households and is claimed to be used regularly by over 25% of those users.

MHEG-5 is often called "Red Button". It offers an additional "background" or companion environment to Digital TV watching.

Users can enter the interactive software domain by pressing allocated keys on their Remote Control and access data and image services suchas news, sports and weather as well as richer experiences like voting, games and shopping.

When combined with an internet connection via Ethernet or Wifi on the STB or TV, MHEG-5 offers broadcasters and service providers an environment to deliver true 2-way interactivity to consumers. MHEG5 has been evolved to also enable multiscreen video and Video-on- Demand.

MHEG5 is mandatory on all UK branded Freeview, and Freesat platforms, as well as Saorview in Ireland, Freeview services in both Australia and New Zealand. Many more countries are coming on line or trialling the technology.

tn-HbbTV-StackHbbTV combines the best of broadcast, and broadband, where traditional digital TV broadcasts are supplemented with internet/browser based interactive content and streaming media services.

tn-Avtrex-Connected-Media-SoftwareAvtrex is our US based partner for both entry level Digital Media Adaptors (DMA) and high end Multituner Media Centres (MMC).

Avtrex' product strengths:

  • Intuitive media management for photos, music and movies in "My Media".
  • A range of ready to go OTT video content such as BBC iPlayer and YouTube, and more.
  • DLNA 1.6
  • uPnP
  • Multiple companion device support (eg WiDi, iPad, iPod).
  • Home network search

Perhaps the superior offering is that these high end DMA features can be coupled with onboard tuner support to provide for:

  • Twin Tuner DVR
  • Search any content from one interface: Broadcast guide data, Recordings lists, My Media or home network.
  • Find associated content from anywhere!


tn-MediaPlayer-DRMSoftware for managing the playback of internet and local multimedia content. Support for all common SD & HD formats and the latest adaptive streaming technologies for VOD and catch-up TV services. The complementary DRM engine enables premium content to handled securely.