Digital TV Broadcasting offers many advantages for the consumer over analogue services including better picture quality, more choice of channels, and new interactive services. It also enables a more efficient use of the broadcast spectrum for the broadcasters allowing them to offer a wider range of services including High Definition TV.

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In Europe the digital broadcasting is harmonized by the DVB standard which has been adopted and built upon, by many countries worldwide, for both free-to-air and pay TV services. In the UK the Digital Television Group (DTG), maintains the standard for the terrestrial broadcast profile, which is behind commercial platforms such as Freeview, Freeview+, and Freeview HD. Similarly, Freesat maintains the free-to-air satellite broadcasting standard.


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Digital TV is well established, but is still evolving and recent years have seen the introduction of High definition TV services and, in some areas, 3D TV. Digital TV is also starting to embrace the internet world for Catch-up TV and video on demand services. For more information on this in particular please view our pages on Hybrid IP TV Solutions.

At the core of any digital TV platform is a DVB stack. This is software that enables you to see what channels are available, what programmes are on and when via an Electronic Programme Guide (EPG), and ultimately enables you to view or record your chosen programmes.

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Pixsan is a market leading provider of digital broadcast solutions, and our DVB stack is now used extensively in a wide range of digital TVs, set top boxes, and DVRs. For more information please see our DVB Stack Product Page.

Digital TV offers new interactive services to replace the teletext of the analogue world, commonly referred to as "Red Button" services. In the UK, as well as many other countries, MHEG-5 is the technology used to implement these services examples of which include:

  • Information services: news, weather, sports, etc.,
  • Interactive games & voting applications
  • Shopping
  • Dating
  • Betting
  • E-government and E-health.
  • Catch-up TV & Video on demand (With the addition of an IP based return channel)

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MHEG-5 is popular as it was designed for TV from the start, has low overheads and is high speed. Since its inception MHEG-5 has been updated to keep pace with the evolving market requirements and now fully supports digital video recorders, high definition receivers, and IP based services such as Catch-Up TV and Video on Demand.

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As part of its complete digital broadcast solution, Pixsan is a leading provider of MHEG-5 software, which is fully compliant with the latest standards and used in a wide range of products. For more information please see our MHEG-5 Engine Product Page.