People increasingly have various forms of digital content such as movies, photos, and music, stored on different devices around the home, or on the internet using cloud based services.

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It would be ideal if you could easily share content from one device with another. For example:

  • Sharing photos from your PC to your TV so the whole family can view them easily.

  • Sharing music, so that the track you were listening to on your MP3 player while you were out, you can continue to listen to but via your TVs home cinema system.

  • Sharing a home movie that is stored on your Network Attached Storage Device (NAS), with your living room TV.

  • Sharing a TV programme that you recorded on the DVR in the living room, with the TV in the bedroom.

The fact that most modern TVs, STBs, and mobile devices are network enabled means that sharing content across devices can be a reality. The Digital Living Network Alliance has introduced a standard to enable different digital devices to share content across a network.  Any device that is DLNA compliant is able to communicate and share content with any other compliant device, even if one is a TV and the other a phone.

Pixsan is a partner of Avtrex, a market leading company that specialises in DLNA compliant distributed multimedia solutions for TVs and STBs.  The Avtrex solution enables the TV, STB, or DVR to seamlessly share content with other digital devices around the home. For more information please see the Avtrex Connected Media product page.