At Pixsan we talk to a great many clients who want to launch TV products in the UK. In so many circumstances people go, speak to the experts and then they think they can do it themselves. Which is fine if you think you can spend money on the research, tools, test suites and development time. But most of the time I get told they will just tweak the software they get from their chip vendor that they've used in other markets. The problem is that the UK has had over 15 years of digital TV development and has lead the market in terrestrial products.

Features like series linking, accurate record triggers, alternate instances, HD linkage, target region descriptor and network change notification are mature and complex incremental additions to the basic DVB profile. Access to the test suites alone is expensive but also submitting your product for certification in order to get the Freeview mark isn't trivial. We are told that most products submitted to the DTG fail their first test, that is an expensive failure.

Yes, you can do your own development, but what volume of product are you going to sell? How quickly are you going to amortise that investment? Do you know the traps and pitfalls? Do you have confidence that you will pass the thousands of test suite tests for certification? 

Pixsan provides complete freeview software for digital television, television recorders and other multimedia products. We have shipped over 7m products to date and our developers have over 50years of experience in this sector.

Bob Hannent

Bob Hannent
CTO Pixsan Digital Software