smart talkSmart Talk™ from Goodmans wins in the ‘Consumer Product’ category at The Engineer Technology and Innovation Awards 2010

Award for partnership that brought the world’s first talking Freeview digital box to UK high streets.

Smart Talk from Goodmans picked up a prestigious award at The Engineer Technology and Innovation Awards 2010 within the ‘Consumer Products’ category. Smart Talk is the world’s first talking Freeview digital box, featuring integrated ‘text to speech’ (TTS) with an easy to use menu system. Marketed under the Goodmans brand, Smart Talk is the result of collaboration between the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB), Harvard International plc (Goodmans), Pixsan, TW Electronics and Loquendo.

Many people take reading a television guide or on-screen channel information for granted, but for millions of older people or those who struggle to read print, it can be a daily challenge that can knock a person’s confidence and leave them isolated from everyday conversations about TV.

Smart Talk has been designed with ease of use in mind and has high contrast colour schemes, variable font sizes and extensive help features. Users can access talking TV menus, talking programme guides and reminders, whilst easily changing the volume, speed and amount of information relayed. The remote control has been designed with tactile features, high contrast and larger buttons, including ‘One Button’ access to audio description and subtitles.

The judges were most impressed with the diverse blend of companies that produced the innovative Smart Talk. Jon Excell, Editor of The Engineer and one of the judges, says; “Winning entries to The Engineer Technology and Innovation Awards had to demonstrate a high degree of collaboration, innovation and likely impact on their intended market. Smart Talk ticked all three boxes and was a worthy winner. We were particularly impressed by the interesting mix of companies who came together to develop Smart Talk; from non-engineering partners to both large and small technology-led businesses. Elegantly simple and extremely innovative, Smart Talk was a clear winner in our consumer technology category.”

Steve Tyler, RNIB Head of Innovation and Development, speaks on behalf of all the companies involved with producing Smart Talk: "We are thrilled to receive this award. All parties have worked extremely hard to make Smart Talk a reality.  Pixsan’s digital TV software teamed with RNIB’s carefully designed user interface specifications and TW Electronics’ input into the easy-to-use remote control ensure that the groundbreaking text to speech technology from Loquendo work together to create this innovative product for our customers.

TV plays a huge role in our national culture and sparks millions of conversations, so making sure that blind and partially sighted people and others who struggle to read on screen information can also take part is vital. Smart Talk offers a real solution, so we are very proud to win this title.”

John Edwards, Director of Communications at Harvard International, adds: “ The concept of integrating text to speech software in this way is pioneering and has never before featured in a consumer electronics product of this type. We were thrilled to work with a respected and knowledgeable organisation like RNIB to create a product to help millions of people to enjoy the latest digital television.”

Silvio Nasi, Sales Director of Embedded Technologies at Loquendo, commented: “We at Loquendo get a great sense of satisfaction from knowing that this collaboration between RNIB, Harvard International and Pixsan has helped to make set-top-boxes accessible to many people in society who are often excluded from using technology, such as partially sighted and blind people.”

Smart Talk is available nationwide through John Lewis, Currys Megastores and PC World plus online stores, including from RNIB (, and is an ideal, award winning gift for Christmas.

For further information contact Stacey Lynn at Synergy Creative on 0117 377798 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Notes to editor:  

  • Smart Talk™ is an easy to use talking Freeview digital box from Goodmans at around £99.

  • It gives access to up to 50 Freeview TV channels and 24 digital radio stations with high quality pictures and sound.

  • Smart Talk offers features not offered by other digital boxes, including a talking EPG and programme reminders.

  • Those eligible for the digital Switchover Help Scheme will be entitled to receive a £30 discount on buying a Smart Talk™ Freeview digital box. To check eligibility please visit

  • Smart Talk is available from John Lewis, Currys, Amazon and RNIB. For more details please see

  • Further benefits and background information can also be found on

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The Engineer Technology & Innovation Awards 2010 turn the spotlight on the fruits of this collaborative process.  Now in its fourth year, this prestigious awards scheme is run by The Engineer, the leading magazine and website for technology and innovation, in conjunction with main sponsor BAE Systems. Awards in ten categories spanning the key sectors of engineering and technology

For more than 150 years, The Engineer has covered innovation in engineering and technology through economic booms, recessions and wars. A glance back through its pages teaches us that when times get tough, recovery is built on the foundations laid by innovation and ingenuity.  That is as true in 2010 as ever and with the financial sector still in disarray, engineering and technology are back at the top of the national agenda.

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